Who We Are

InsulFab Plastics is one of the select few custom plastic fabricators that has been around for the better half of a century. InsulFab Plastics was founded by Frank J. Hanus in 1923 in order to fill the need for a dependable company that could consistently offer high-quality contract manufacturing services. As the company grew over the years, InsulFab began to carve out a niche in the machining and stamping of engineering plastics, films, and fibers.

Based on our reputation over the years, InsulFab has been able to establish itself as one of the industry's most well respected and trusted sources for high-end, quality plastic fabrication.

Our Expertise

Over the last 90 years, InsulFab has become industry experts in a myriad of specialized marketplaces. InsulFab specializes in the custom machining and die-cutting of thermoplastics, thermosets, films, and fibre. We also offer assembly solutions for products or custom assemblies.

Our Guarantee

With InsulFab, you have one dedicated contact and a complete team of engineering, quality and technical support specialists. Our team will work with you towards one goal: YOUR TOTAL SATISFACTION. We guarantee that we can help you find the best fit for all your custom plastic machining and stamping requirements.

picture of insulfab plastic's production floor area picture of insulfab plastics's warehouse area picture of lathe machine