Acrylic Machining

<p>Here at InsulFab, we machine acrylic parts for a number of different industries and end uses. Acrylic is a widely used plastic material in many industries and applications due to several factors such as low cost, transparency, and moderate strength. The actual polymer name of Acrylic (Poly)methyl methacrylate, sometimes shortened to PMMA, is also known by several other tradenames. Some of the more common ones are Plexiglass, Acrylite, Lucite, and Perspex to name a few.</p><p>A few key features of acrylic is its ability to be polished and bonded. There are several polishing techniques to improve optical clarity such as buffing, flame polishing, and vapor polishing. There are also numerous glues and solvents that bond extremely well with acrylic. Widely available in both sheet and rod stock, give us a <a href="tel:864-582-7506" target="_blank">call</a> or <a href="/contact" target="_blank">contact</a> us with any of your cnc machined acrylic part needs.</p><p><br></p>