G-10 Machining

<p>G-10 and FR-4 are high-pressure laminates, a type of composite material, that is made by stacking layers of epoxy coated glass-cloth and subsequently compressing the layers under high heat and pressure until the resin system cures.</p><p>Both G-10 and FR-4 are used in numerous applications due to its high strength, low moisture absorption, chemical resistance, and its high level of electrical insulation. Design Engineers also utilize G-10 and FR-4 due to the established set of performance data available. Many other types of composite materials require extensive review and testing during initial design phases, so G-10 and FR-4 are generally good starting points for many engineers. While G-10 and FR-4 are quite similar from a mechanical properties standpoint, FR-4 uses the chemical element Bromine in its polymer backbone as a Flame-Retardant, whereas G-10 does not.</p><p>If you have needs for tight-tolerance G-10 or FR-4 parts, give us a call or send us a print on our <a href="/quote" target="_blank">quick quote</a> form.</p>