Kapton Stamping & Die-Cutting

<p>Here at InsulFab Plastics, our stamping division works with various Polyimide Films such as Kapton on a daily basis. Polyimide films are utilized in numerous industries from Electronics, Medical, Aerospace, and just about every other major industry. Polyimide films are often specified by Design Engineers as high-performance insulators due to the materials inherent flame resistance, flexural strength, chemical resistance, and of course its high temperature performance.</p><p>If you have needs for tight-tolerance stamped or die-cut Kapton components, give us a call or send us your prints on our <a href="/quote" target="_blank">quick quote</a><a href="http://insulfab.com/contact" target="_blank"> </a>form and a member of our sale team will touch base to discuss your project.</p>