Miniature Plastic Stamping & Die-Cutting

<p>One of our core competencies here at InsulFab Plastics is tight-tolerance Plastic Stamping and Die-Cutting. Stamping processes and technology is a very broad topic, so we’ll simply focus on a few general ideas at this time. Plastic Stamping and Die-Cutting is accomplished by placing flat plastic materials in either coil, sheet, or strip form into a stamping press where a die forms the materials into the desired shape. The concept is pretty straightforward, but the level of detail and precision required to make tight-tolerance stamped plastic parts is no walk in the park.</p><p>With the continual push to miniaturize electronics, mechanical systems, and pack more functionality into smaller spaces, OEM’s are continuing to ask suppliers to produce ever smaller components with the same focus on tight tolerances and cost effective manufacturing processes. InsulFab Plastics can help with any of your miniature plastic or non-metallic stamped component needs. Give us a call or send us your <a href="" target="_blank">print(s)</a> for any of your current or upcoming project needs.</p>