Value Added Services "Paint and Coatings"

<p>Occasionally, we get requests from our customers to provide various value added secondary services such as ultrasonic cleaning, cryogenic deburring, or in this case, painting the exterior surface of their parts a specific color.</p><p> CNC machined plastic parts might be painted or coated to help prevent a number of things from happening in the field. For instance, parts might be coated with an anti mold or fungus coating to protect an assembly due to it being in a harsh environment. Parts might be exposed to UV radiation, so UV inhibitors might be added to paint to help prevent material breakdown over time. </p><p>Sometimes, parts might simply be painted to help distinguish a product from a competitor's product. Whatever the case may be, InsulFab can help if you ever need a special coating or paint applied to your plastic or composite parts. Just send us your prints or give us a call to discuss your project.</p><p><br></p>