Ultem – Swiss CNC Machining

<p>Here at InsulFab Plastics, we have a state-of-the-art Lathe Department. One of our specialties is Swiss type CNC Machining. Without going into all the details of what Swiss CNC Machining entails, the short and sweet of it is the following: It is a variety of multi-axis CNC Turning that allows you to manufacture very precise, small diameter components for several industries that demand exacting tolerances on long, slender cylindrical components.</p><p>Some of the more common materials we turn on our swiss lathes are high-temperature plastics such as various grades of Ultem (PEI – polyetherimide), Torlon (PAI – polyamide-imide), PEEK, and Polysulfone to name but a few. If you have an application that requires Swiss machined plastic parts, give us a call or send us your <a href="/quote" target="_blank">prints</a> to discuss your needs.</p>