Vespel Parts

<p>Have you ever heard of polyimide? It's a high-performance polymer known for its excellent thermal stability, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength. It's used in numerous markets, including Aerospace, Semiconductor, Automotive, and Power Generation. </p><p>One of the well known brands of polyimide is called Vespel® and is offered in several different grades for specific use cases. For instance, Vespel® can be modified by adding graphite, teflon®, or MoS2 to improve friction and wear resistance. Harsh industrial operating environments call for engineered materials that can withstand temperature extremes, high friction, and heavy loads, which happens to be a job Vespel® tends to excel at. </p><p>A few common uses for polyimide parts are bearings, bushings, seals, wear rings, washers, and insulators. We machine Vespel® and similar polyimide materials for all sorts of applications and OEMs regularly, so if you have a project that requires tight-tolerance polyimide parts, give us a call. </p><p><br></p>